Little Boost is a patent pending support system which assists your child to climb into your vehicle safely. Instead of letting those little hands grab onto the dirty and unsafe door trim of the car, Little Boost offers the lift your child needs to climb into the car on their own. Made from a non-toxic and recyclable material, Little Boost can withstand the heat and UV exposure common to vehicle interiors. Little boost can easily provide over 75 pounds of support without even breaking a sweat. It’s the perfect boost to help your little one to say, “I’ve got this!”

Installs in seconds

  • Standard Model
    Our standard model is designed to mount onto the seat headrest post. To install, you simple remove the headrest, slide post into the mount, and reinstall the headrest.
  • Loop Model
    For non-removable headrests, or minivan handles, the Loop Model let’s you mount Little Boost to any fixed support inside the vehicle.

IMG_1911 IMG_1915

Child inviting styles

IMG_1919 IMG_1918


  • The strap is adjustable, and hangs 8″-11″ from the headrest
  • The extended model hangs 10″-15″ from the headrest

Actual lengths may vary depending on mounting location and vehicle design.



  • Do not use while vehicle is in motion.
  • Do not use as a safety restraining device.