• happy 1,000 days!

    Happy 1,000 Days

    Happy birthday, I mean 2nd birthday, I mean 3rd, but wait… 1,000-days-old to you! Have you ever considered this day to be special? It is obvious that parents love to celebrate their little ones. Besides the typical birthdays and special events, why not add a metric celebration?!
    The 1,000th day of your child’s life comes in just shy of two years and nine months. There are plenty of online calendar calculators that can help determine the actual date. If you are a spreadsheet person, simply add 1,000 to your child’s birthday will result in this special date.
    Why settle to be like everyone else who only celebrate the annual birthdays? If you are not too late, why not consider making this 1,000th day special for your little one? Don’t fret if you’ve missed it. There is always 2,000, 3,000, and so on. While we’re at it, why not celebrate your own 10,000th day?!